About Dhara Jani

​I practically became a therapist in my childhood; I was always curious about why there is suffering in this world and how a person can be motivated to make changes. I became a certified yoga teacher, a certified professional life coach, and a practitioner of mindfulness meditation to understand myself better. I saw firsthand that taking positive baby steps daily can change the way we think, feel, and behave. These lifestyle changes bring the power back to our lives and help us achieve our goals.

​Happiness & Health are within your reach! No matter what your problem is just know that you don’t have to face it alone. Are you feeling anxious, depressed, and having difficulty motivating yourself and keeping your daily routine to lead your life to the fullest? Are you having difficulty in your relationships or understanding your emotions? I can help you understand, cope with and overcome the problems so that you can live a healthy, happy, and peaceful life. I also embed multicultural competence and cultural factors throughout my work with clients.

I use a holistic and integrative mind-body approach including Mindfulness, Breathing and Nature Therapy. I know my craft well and have been helping clients for the past 10 years. I have seen clients create positive changes in their lives inspired by working with me. This stems from my ability to lead client's to their ultimate happiness.

I create a soothing, trusting and nonjudgmental collaborative environment I will be 100% present to you during our counseling / coaching sessions so that so that you can be completely yourself, feel comfortable to share and talk with me with ease. As a result, you will leave each session with a sense of relief, more clarity and confidence.